Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quote on the environment

I kept randomly reading some of the blogs on environment written on the Blog Action Day and I found a quote posted in www.rocketfinance.net by rocketc that I wanted to share, since it simply expresses what I've been talking about this past weeks. The quote is attributed to Patrick Moore, founder of the Greenpeace movement, and says

“I now look at the mainstream environmental movement that I loved and can barely recognize it. Why? Because it has abandoned science to follow agendas that have little to do with saving the earth … We won public support because our protests were founded on logical, scientific arguments. That has largely gone now, to be replaced by a policy of sensationalism, misinformation, and never-ending conflict.”

Nothing to add.

Just a link to the full article where Dr. Moore made the remark. It is worth reading.

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